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What in the World?

What in the world … are we (the world) coming to? I am sure all of you have heard this or similar statements regarding unusual or bizarre or heinous events. The killing in Paris this past weekend, along with similar atrocities across the globe that seem to occur every day, are becoming the new norm of terrorism. These folks engaging in this hate filled action are trying to inflict their world view on as many people as possible in the most violent way.  World leaders need to be united in their stand against this hate, and they must also realize that responding with violence will only worsen or prolong things. A message must be sent that as much as can be done to prevent these attacks, will be done. We cannot allow this to become a “war” in the standard definition. We should reach out to the citizens caught up in these areas with love and hope and humanitarian aide, eventually they will see their captors for the hate filled violent people they are and they will come to see us as loving and caring. This change cannot occur while conducting surveillance raids with drones and while bombing villages in attempts to “get” one terrorist and at the same time killing many innocents. War is profitable. Many corporations and their stockholders benefit from war, with government arms contracts being very big business. Many of us, for too many years, have turned a blind eye in the name of “big business”. The assumption being that anything that benefited business was good, the bigger the better. After all, lots of people working in the military arms business have good paying secure jobs, and that’s what we need to secure our economy! ?Unfortunately that security comes at a price, and that price is the insecurity of many parts of the world, where people cannot defend themselves and rely on us to do the right thing. FAR too often the largest countries in the world are guilty of sacrificing the poorest in favor of profits. Jesus said in the gospel of Mark chapter 13 that the Temple would fall and not one stone would be left on another … all of the powers and principalities of this world WILL someday fall, the only thing we have control over … is how are we going to live and treat one another in the here and now? In peace and with love or in hatred and with violence? It is not a hard decision and if we can get the profiteers out of the way, we (the world) can make it happen.