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Well then … if everything must change, where do we start?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have put some thought into “change” and maybe even a little thought into the “why” behind the need. I’ll try to be brief. The “why” in my opinion revolves around the way in which we as Americans “see” our life. Life in America is all about “stuff” we buy stuff and sell stuff …invent stuff and make stuff, and the marketing of this stuff is what drives the economy that you hear so much about. So in other words … Americans “see” their life as one of accumulation of assets and material stuff. Now I know I am going to take a bunch of criticism from people who will tell me …”My life is not about accumulation”. But I am going to stand by my assessment … We are constantly reminded to buy this or that and to by all means remember to accumulate enough money for retirement … so you can continue to buy even more stuff after you retire. Of course material items in and of themselves are benign, they only serve to fulfill or drive a need, it is the mindset around these things that is the disease that will eventually destroy us. I am going to shut up for now … but I leave those of you who are over 40 with a little test; think back to your grocery store visits of 1980 and compare the number of items on the shelves then with what you see now in 2013. Are there more or less items now?

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