Pastor Alan Eschenbacher was born in a farm community, worked construction with his dad all through high school and college, spent 22 plus years in personal lines insurance and investments, went to seminary in 1999 and was ordained into ministry in January 2005. This may not be a unique way to get into ministry; but my roots in rural America, time spent in construction and business experience have given me much insight into the human condition. I understand hard work and making my own way in the world, and I understand working with people as a salesman of an intangible product. All these life events, along with 35 years of marriage, 3 children and 4 grandchildren have gone into “how I got this way”. This “way” has included the famous “for richer and poorer” that we uttered at our wedding, it has included working with the the very poor and with the very rich. People from all classes have graced my days with their unique perspectives and concerns and I have tried to “hear” them all.

What I have learned is that many many people in the world today suffer from want of basic things while the small group that controls most of the assets feels they have the right to their excess. Plenty of people in the world understand lack, surprisingly few understand what “enough” means.This lack of understanding stems from a world view that is disconnected from reality. The reality that our economy is predatory, the reality that the “big fish” are eating the little fish and that there seems to be no end to their hunger … the reality (and this is the hard pill to swallow) that most people in this country have a “stake” in that very economy. I have learned these realities from my own experience and have recently had them verified by such brilliant minds as Walter Brueggemann and Richard Reich, both of whom have known this much longer than I.

WE (the community of ALL people) must now work together; crossing all boundaries and barriers of race and creed, to bring about the change necessary to make sure ALL the worlds people have “enough”.

Thank you for visiting All Saints Lutheran Church’s website! If you are searching I hope you find a word of blessing and the grace of God among us. Regardless of location or status the Gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s way of reaching out to you. In this world that is busy and overgrown with vines that confine, God’s word and people can offer something different. All are welcome in this little piece of God’s community here at All Saints. We strive to be an inclusive and caring community.

All Saints Lutheran in Browne’s addition is a recent merger of St. Paul and Emmanuel Lutheran churches. Together we have formed a loving and progressive group of Christian folk, dedicated to the spreading of the gospel in our midst. We do that by helping address the health, housing and spiritual needs of our neighbors.

In Genesis we read that all living things were created and called good by God the creator. We are each blessed differently and distinctively by God and called on to share our gifts with others. We receive grace as a gift of God through faith. We do not get tied down in the morals game and the finger pointing game, for we are all sinners and that causes us to believe and rejoice in the one who is triumphant over sin. Jesus was sent into the world to show us a radical new way, a way of peace, understanding and forgiveness. Jesus died and was resurrected to offer life and hope to all people.

God calls us to abandon the isolation that separates us and embrace him in community with our brothers and sisters. God is still creating, Jesus saves and the Holy Spirit supports us in this world.

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ call and enrich you and fill you with strength for the journey we all share.

Peace be with you,

Pastor Alan Eschenbacher

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