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Life is hard, why do I have to be so soft?

No one likes a hard person. In order to get along, fit in, be liked and respected, the world mostly demands that we be soft and flexible and anything BUT hard.

On the other hand … Life is hard. People get smacked around by all sorts of things from health issues to financial woes to harassment of various kinds, bullying etc.

So what are we to do in a hard world when we are expected to be soft and cuddly all the time? I think for me the challenge comes down to one of mindfulness and meditation and prayer. I try to be mindful of the situation I am in and act accordingly, I plan meditation time if only for a few minutes every day, centering thoughts and physical stretching and relaxation techniques help with this, and making time for prayer. For me daily prayer takes the shape of many moments of short prayer throughout the day, and hopefully some much longer times once a week or so. The challenging part is getting it all done within the confines of all the other things on the “to do” list, and of course the length of the list is mostly of my own making and I fear some things get lost or forgotten. You may find yourself in this position as well sometimes. If the prayer and meditation and focused thinking are there I can usually adapt my actions to the situations I encounter … so I can be soft most of the time and hard if needed. As an extrovert it’s difficult to be soft and cuddly all the time but given my role as a pastor it is more often than not the mode that’s called for. Therein lies my point for today … YOU need to find the mode that life calls you to … I’m guessing it will need to be soft more often than hard, but it depends on your life’s vocation and work, being flexible is the key. Understanding that you will make mistakes and blunders in all areas is a must to not getting smacked down TOO hard by life, and worrying about whether or not LIFE is fair … let me answer that for you … LIFE IS NOT FAIR, not now not ever … so worrying about which way to go and how to be is fruitless and frustrating. Life is HARD … GOD is GOOD. Live in the now, in whatever form you need to be … LOVE people no matter what they throw at you and try not to take it personally. You will be less frustrated and more effective in your day by day striving with work and play and relationships.