All Saints Gather Lutheran Church

'People of Christ, Living in Community & Working in Partnership'

Jesus said “Love Everyone” … He wasn’t kidding!

You know the commands; First, Love God. Second, Love your neighbor.
Who is my neighbor? EVERYONE, all human beings on the planet. Yup that’s right all 7.7+ billion of em! God did not make exceptions for us to use against folks we don’t like or agree with or who don’t look like us etc. etc. Practically speaking we must start with who is outside our door, in our neighborhood, city and county. If you are fortunate to be able to travel around the world, great! Love folks wherever you are. Show them dignity and respect and they will reciprocate. Yeah, yeah, I know we have “enemies” and “bad people” … those kinds of people have always been around and they are a very small percentage and not worth the worry, if they appear in your life God’s love will get you through, “fear not for I am with you saith the Lord”.
There is always excuses and reasons and whatever, but in the end it is a decision to step back from the “world”, as it is presented to us, and get a clear picture of the REAL WORLD as God created it! It is beauty and order and LOVE and GOD said IT IS GOOD!
Now it is up to you and I to LOVE that world!