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Enough Already!

Enough, says Mary Poppins, is as good as a feast! Well said MP! It’s the only line from the original movies that I remember. But one that holds a huge meaning for me. My family was never wealthy but we always had “enough”. Doesn’t matter what you think of, we had enough of whatever it was. Food, clothes, shelter, education etc. The details of how that all happened may have been complicated at times, but so goes the world. I witnessed no great largess as a child and therefore did not consider myself deprived. I later learned about great wealth and saw it and even worked in the financial field where I assisted people in investing large sums of money. I have a finance/business degree, I learned much about economics, capitalism, marketing, accounting etc. Capitalism works; but only so long as people are not GREEDY. Well of course you and I know that greed is everywhere so…? Second President of U.S., John Adams, wrote something like this; that capitalism is incompatible with democracy in the long term. It will work for awhile but eventually when greed kicks in, as it always does, wealth will become concentrated in the hands of the few and it will restrict access for the many. As you undoubtedly already know, that is where we are now in 2019. The top two tenths of a percent have more wealth than they could spend in twenty lifetimes at the same time as many in the world have little or nothing, not even the basics of food and shelter. I could give you a lengthy lecture on how this has happened, but you probably know most of the reasons. The only question is what to do? Let me know what you think about this worldwide problem.