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'People of Christ, Living in Community & Working in Partnership'

Church in Community

The “Church” seems to be on the wrong side of the success equation. Church advocates a society built on community, whereas the society we have created here in the United States, is built on individualism, greed and competition. This has created, as Walter Brueggemann states, a Predatory Economy. This type of economics creates inequality, suffering and environmental disaster. The capitalism we are so proud of in “first world” countries will be the end of society if we are not careful. Some of the more pessimistic among us believe that it is already too late to stave off environmental disaster.
I am a little more hopeful … My faith leads me to hope in a “different future” that is more just and peaceful. I also think that the “Church” is one of the places that this transformation will take place. I am hopeful when I hear the generation behind me saying they want a church home that is acting on justice and peace issues. My message to them; Please take your youth and resolve to the next level and dive in and help with a local church that is doing something about justice and peace!