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Loving the Fall season!

There are already some beautiful photos out there of Fall ! The colors are great! I really enjoy the Fall season and relish in it each year. Looking forward to rain (if it ever does rain!) and the renewal that will bring. Of course all the seasons are important in their own way but it’s okay to have a favorite! What’s yours?

Do you really want to know?

The question on the WordPress site asks me “What’s on your mind?” The way I am feeling lately …. very dangerous question indeed!
I have been a fan of watching the political scene for years, local, state and federal levels and especially presidential election cycles. The wrangling over issues and such was always entertaining to me. This political season has left me speechless. The presidential race is a circus that deserves to have the big top dropped to try and cover up the nonsense that emanates from ALL the candidates. If nothing changes before next November I will consider NOT voting at all for the first time.
In local politics, the rancor surrounding the sitting mayor and his “deal” making with the police union and with local “rich guys” and with the abandonment of HIS own appointees has me wondering what it will take for the people of Spokane to stand up finally and say “STOP” and get involved and force the city and its officials (elected or not) to do the right thing.
Unfortunately, the people of Spokane and the rest of the country and great numbers of the rest of the world … are so enamored with consumerism, militarism, patriotism and any other “ism” you want to talk about, that they are unable, certainly unwilling and impotent to ACT. As long as ignorance and apathy dominate, and buying and selling are the only motivators, then we will continue to sink into the pit until the wake up call is so loud that we can no longer ignore. Hopefully the rest of the world of today and our children and grandchildren of tomorrow will forgive our lack of action.
HMMM… maybe electing “The Donald” will so speed our descent into the abyss that we might reach the point of understanding what “ENOUGH” is and then maybe we can get back on the road less traveled … the road of love for God and neighbor.

If everything changes, will I still be the same person?

You may be worried that massive change may wind up making you unrecognizable. A valid concern, after all, I have worked hard to make something of myself and I want to keep it! Well the good news is; you will always be the child of God you were created as and God will always know that. On the other hand we must change along with life and the world we find ourselves a part of. We must be open to change and to look at things differently as we proceed with the future. Recognizing that we are an integral part of this world and what we say and do does make a difference. We do not live in a vacuum and cannot expect to simply exist without impact. The phrase “EVERYTHING must change” … should be on your mind at all times, subtly working on every thing you do, shaping and directing, leading you into a richer, deeper, fuller experience of creation. You are a wonderful expression of all that you have been a part of over your whole life and now, to know that you have some control you must decide to be proactive in your relationships and interactions with the world and its people. The combined influence of all of us will determine where we go and how things will look in the future. The creator is our partner in the change that will inevitably come … your decision is how will your participation look?

Are you ready?

Dumb question you suppose? Ready for what you ask? Well obviously I didn’t say  … that’s the point. That just maybe there isn’t any way for you to answer. However … you may assume that since this post is from the Pastor that I might want to know if you’re ready for Sunday service; for example, did you read the texts for the week ahead of time, do you have questions etc.

Or it could be that I want to know if you are ready to meet God … after all that’s part of what being a Christian is … isn’t it?

Are you ready to love your neighbor? To care for the sheep that Jesus left us? To visit the sick and those in prison? In other words …


Are you ready for that?

Bible Study – 9am, Sundays

Bible study is offered at 9 am on Sunday mornings and 11:30 am on the second
Wednesday each month, both in the fireside room at All Saints. We also offer
a “new members” class that meets at noon on Sundays in Epiphany and Lent
seasons. This class is for folks new to the Lutheran tradition and for anyone who
wants to know more!

Worship With Holy Communion – 10:30am every Sunday

We have a traditional
service including varying liturgy and music components. Scripture is read and
a sermon offered. We sing the old and new hymns of the church and celebrate
Holy Communion every week and the table is open for all.

Food Pantry – 10am-2pm, Mon, Wed & Thurs, 5:30-6pm Tues

Our food pantry is open 10am to 2pm Monday, Wednesay and Thursday, 5:00pm Tuesdays; one bag of
groceries may be picked up at a time. Our partners at Northwest Harvest and
Second Harvest Food Banks, as well as many private donations make this
program possible.

Mental Health Chaplaincy

Our mental health chaplaincy program is in its infancy here at All Saints, but we
are excited about the future direction that God is leading us in this venture!
We are pursuing a “companionship” model that hopefully results in a circle
of care for people in need of help with a brain disease. There will be many
opportunities for volunteers in this program in the coming months.