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Can the church survive “busyness”

I struggle with what to do and where to go sometimes. I get invited to, and am aware of multiple events, in which I should be interested, given my role as pastor in the community. In other words, I am “busy” most of the time and I am forced to make decisions about how I spend my time. I could not attend, even if I wanted, ALL the events. This busyness is forever, it would seem, and I am NOT forever. That’s right, I must admit that I will not go on forever and that I must learn to prioritize.
I see the “busyness” of the people as well. Young or old, everyone seems to have PLENTY of things to do … every day … day after day.
My question is this, unless the church gets a high priority in, at least some people’s lives, amidst all the “busyness” … can it survive?