All Saints Gather Lutheran Church

'People of Christ, Living in Community & Working in Partnership'


Pastor Alan Eschenbacher of All Saints Lutheran Church in Spokane WA since June of 2002. Undergrad from Gonzaga University in Spokane WA, seminary studies at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley CA. Married to Laurel in 1980, three children, four grandchildren.

Good day! Thinking about prayer daily is difficult amid the pressures of the world. Carve out a space in your day, early, late, in the middle and set it aside … every day … Make it a habit, even if only for 5 minutes … it will change your life!

Woo Hoo! It’s 90 degrees out and they are putting a coat of tar and rock chips on all the streets in Browne’s addition! Smells like a tar pit, but I hope this repair will last a few years and keep roads in good shape!

Dirt is moving!

For those of you following our community center project … there was dirt moving this morning! MJM Grand construction came in to dig a test pit, thanks to Mike Evenoff and his crew for doing a great job! I have known Mike with MJM for nearly 30 years and they always do good work. The geotech testing will be done by Chris Sneider. I met him this morning and was very impressed.


We thank you Lord for blessing us with treasures beyond measure. Even in times of despair and overwhelming uncertainty we persevere in doing the work you called us to do. We face our fears and move forward knowing that you will bless your ministry. We give thanks for being able to be a part of the mystery of grace!

Vacation log

Hi everyone! On vacation in Yakima staying with my folks and helping get Dad to Dr. appointments and such. Am enjoying the free time I have to read and write and catch up on facebook and twitter! Blessings to you all and feel free to send me a comment or a tweet!

Many Thanks

My family and I appreciate all your prayers for my father and all of us. Gus has been through a lot of medical things these past months and the future is not clear, thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Community center kids here today!

Peaceful Valley community center kids were at All Saints today from 0730-1200. Exciting to have them with us, there were no incidents or problems of any kind. Great group, with wonderful leaders! Look forward to having them each Friday now for rest of the summer and of course when the center moves in permanently!

How are we doing?

How are we doing? Good question … what do you think? I have my opinions, of course, as Pastor I should. But those are mine … I want to hear yours. Are we doing the ministry of the kingdom of God? Are we declaring how much God has done for us; as Jesus told the healed Gerasene Demoniac to do? Is All Saints poised, by faith and in acceptance of grace, to move into the next ten or twenty years? Things are different in the church; so different in fact, that we are up against an unprecedented time of renewal … What are we doing in our role as church to get ready?

New Beings One and All

We become “New Beings” when we realize, accept and believe that we want to be part of   the radical change that Jesus represents. This acceptance comes with risk and cost, we risk our relationship with the world by knowing that much of what the world calls good is an illusion, the cost is our commitment to carry out the commands of Jesus in the face of a world that, more and more, is enticing us to do something else. We believe in the mystery and share in the work of God’s Kingdom, knowing that we are blessed in order to be given.

If everything changes, will I still be the same person?

You may be worried that massive change may wind up making you unrecognizable. A valid concern, after all, I have worked hard to make something of myself and I want to keep it! Well the good news is; you will always be the child of God you were created as and God will always know that. On the other hand we must change along with life and the world we find ourselves a part of. We must be open to change and to look at things differently as we proceed with the future. Recognizing that we are an integral part of this world and what we say and do does make a difference. We do not live in a vacuum and cannot expect to simply exist without impact. The phrase “EVERYTHING must change” … should be on your mind at all times, subtly working on every thing you do, shaping and directing, leading you into a richer, deeper, fuller experience of creation. You are a wonderful expression of all that you have been a part of over your whole life and now, to know that you have some control you must decide to be proactive in your relationships and interactions with the world and its people. The combined influence of all of us will determine where we go and how things will look in the future. The creator is our partner in the change that will inevitably come … your decision is how will your participation look?