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Pastor Alan Eschenbacher of All Saints Lutheran Church in Spokane WA since June of 2002. Undergrad from Gonzaga University in Spokane WA, seminary studies at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley CA. Married to Laurel in 1980, three children, nine grandchildren.

Prayers needed!

Hi Everyone!

We have run into another roadblock with the community center project. The bids for the construction came in much higher than anticipated … way out of our price range. So much prayer is needed as we re-group and try to get things back on track. Hopefully we can find a way!

Sunday September 8

The ELCA has 25 years together in Christ. Sunday September 8th is “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday … This is an opportunity to join other ELCA churches around the country in a dedicated day of service. Of course I am late with this note since September 8 is this coming Sunday … however I have never been a big believer in these kinds of events. The woo hoo look what we did today deal seems to marginalize the every day activity that goes on quietly. For example; Spokane has a well publicized food drive every year hosted by KREM television called “Tom’s turkey drive” and I know it raises lots of food for poor folks at Thanksgiving. I have never donated to it. Our food bank here at All Saints is open 4 days a week and distributes food year around to those in need. We don’t have a television personality or the means to promote ourselves like KREM TV does. I sincerely hope this does not come across as sour grapes but for me; these “one day” promotional things that come and go, do involve a large number of people … ONE TIME… The community in need cannot survive on one day events and promotions. We cannot expect people to turn their lives around when they see “normal folk” chipping in with a turkey basket ONCE a year or stepping up to help or clean ONE time a year. There are always those out there who consider this to be their total commitment and you don’t see them again for 365 days. WE MUST convince communities of people to commit time, money and talent to projects and causes on a sustained basis. We must have help, with donations, volunteer time and also with care and compassion for those who come there. We have become a nation of one time donators who are hit up every time we turn around to give to this that and everything and people go into shock and wind up doing nothing. Compassionate living and giving requires a fundamental change in the way we promote and talk about service work and donations and all the things that go into making society better. 20% of the population participating is a recipe for failure … we must engage all people. Each and every church in the ELCA has to formulate a plan to involve their neighbors in the place where they are … with the people whom they have to work with, doing the stuff that’s necessary in that place! This is not a one size fits all deal or a one time event or anything like that … it is asking a lot of questions of people and requiring answers and seeing who responds as true neighbors and community members and willing participants and players and partners in making the world better FOR ALL. Even those who cannot or WILL NOT play … HOW WE ANSWER THIS CALL WILL DETERMINE OUR LIFE TOGETHER

Busy day at All Saints

Wonderful day at church! The building was abuzz with the homeless coalition folks this morning, also we hosted the bicycle tour group raising funds for cancer, Bike4thecure, around 30 bicyclers spent Wednesday and Thursday nights at All Saints before heading out tomorrow for Seattle.

Tomatoes For Jesus

Peter is one of our gardeners. He is an Eastern European immigrant and he speaks very little English. But he really knows how to grow tomatoes! I have already been blessed with a gift of a softball sized ripe heirloom tomato that was delicious! Most of his crop will wind up in our soup kitchen, Peter doesn’t speak much English but he does know that he wants to grow “Tomatoes for Jesus” … and I say Amen to that!

Good day! Thinking about prayer daily is difficult amid the pressures of the world. Carve out a space in your day, early, late, in the middle and set it aside … every day … Make it a habit, even if only for 5 minutes … it will change your life!

Woo Hoo! It’s 90 degrees out and they are putting a coat of tar and rock chips on all the streets in Browne’s addition! Smells like a tar pit, but I hope this repair will last a few years and keep roads in good shape!

Dirt is moving!

For those of you following our community center project … there was dirt moving this morning! MJM Grand construction came in to dig a test pit, thanks to Mike Evenoff and his crew for doing a great job! I have known Mike with MJM for nearly 30 years and they always do good work. The geotech testing will be done by Chris Sneider. I met him this morning and was very impressed.


We thank you Lord for blessing us with treasures beyond measure. Even in times of despair and overwhelming uncertainty we persevere in doing the work you called us to do. We face our fears and move forward knowing that you will bless your ministry. We give thanks for being able to be a part of the mystery of grace!

Vacation log

Hi everyone! On vacation in Yakima staying with my folks and helping get Dad to Dr. appointments and such. Am enjoying the free time I have to read and write and catch up on facebook and twitter! Blessings to you all and feel free to send me a comment or a tweet!

Many Thanks

My family and I appreciate all your prayers for my father and all of us. Gus has been through a lot of medical things these past months and the future is not clear, thanks for your thoughts and prayers!