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Mental Health Chaplaincy

God said to love everybody! Guess what? He wasn’t kidding!

All God’s people have a place in the Kingdom! You know the deal, Jesus said to love our neighbor, all our neighbors! Yup, all 7.7 billion! But for now start with those in your neighborhood and city! Some of the folks in our midst have some serious problems and need help coping with life. Brain illness can strike anyone and it doesn’t limit itself to the “homeless”. We ALL know someone who has needed some help with this delicate issue.

A mental Health chaplaincy can be a part of the answer. Learning to become a “companion” specifically to help a person suffering with brain illness can be a great way to reach out to someone that really needs a helping hand traveling the tough road of mental illness.

Check in with Pastor Alan Eschenbacher at All Saints Lutheran Church in Browne’s addition. He can answer any questions you may have!